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Flight Safety

Flight Safety Foundation Homepage
An international organization concerned with the safety of flight.

FlightSafety International
Everything safety

Flight Safety and Security Solutions for Airport and Aircraft
Solutions for flight safety, aviation security, including intrusion prevention and surveillance.

Aviation Safety Network
Resource centre for airliner accidents and civil aviation safety issues.

Airline Accident and Airline Safety and Security Information for …¬†
Provides useful information for the traveling public, including details of recent fatal accidents

Eagle Flight Safety Products 
Safety products and flight safety supplies geared to pilots of ultralight, homebuilt and general aviation.

FlightSafety Academy
Offers pilot selection and training for airline pilots. Information on course dates, accommodations.

The FAA is primarily responsible for the advancement, safety and regulation of civil aviation.

Flight Safety Australia
Information for overseas pilots wishing to fly in Australia. Includes guides safety library and links.

Flight safety for all pilots.Interactive, unique website.

Flight Safety
Don’t Let This Happen to You! The purpose of this website is toprovide information on the AFFTC Mid-Air Collision Avoidance (MACA) program.

National Transportation Safety Board
The National Transportation Safety Board is an independent Federal agency charged by Congress.

The AOPA is a non-profit individual membership association that serves the interests and needs to promote the economy, safety, and popularity of flight in aircraft.

NWS Aviation Weather Forecasting Critical To Air Flight Safety
To fly or not to fly? That is the question.

Safety And Flight Executive S.A.F.E, consults and offers seminars on disruptive passenger behavior. Products, ordering and contact form and links.

Aviation Information
Links to FAA Orders and Manuals, FARs, NPRMs, Airworthiness Directives, Advisory Circulars and NTSB accident reports.

Aviation Safety Data
Provides the public with access to several of the principal aviation safety data and information sources the U.S. federal government uses for various purposes.

Aviation Safety Group of New England
A non-profit organization dedicated to the enhancement of aviation safety.

Aviation Safety Network
Resource centre for airliner accidents and civil aviation safety issues.

Aviation Safety Reporting System
Incident reporting service for pilots in the United States.

Aviation Safety Topics And Links
Designed by a flight instructor with intentions of providing aviation safety information to the public.

Special reports, ongoing coverage, statistics, forums, and photos of aviation accidents and disasters.

Equipped To Survive
Aviation survival equipment reviews; survival techniques and resources for pilots; authoritive General Aviation ditching information.

National Aviation Safety Data Analysis Center
NASDAC has domestic and international government and commercial data resources. Enables users to compare data sources with each other for more comprehensive and accurate analyses.

Italian Flight Safety Committee
An independent, non-political, non profit, Italian organization of safety and quality experts dedicated to aviation safety. Agenda, organization chart, membership, mission statement and links.

Jet Safety
Airline pilot; Air National Guard instructor offers tips to help pilots fly safer. Crash data, photos, links to relevant books on Amazon, stories and airline employment resource.

Mountain Flying
Citation pilot and author instructs mountain flying safety. Also articles on landing technique, taildraggers, photo galleries, products, author background, profile and testimonials.

Plane Crash Information
Aviation accident database with brief analysis and links to official determinations. Voice recordings, aircraft specifications, statistics, sorts by carrier or aircraft type, links and reference

White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security
1997 recommendations for improving safety and security of air transport in the United States.

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